Coal and Winter Supplies

Look to Swisher Concrete Products, Inc. for all your home heating and winter supplies.  We stock both soft and many sizes of hard coal.

Also to beat that nasty snow and ice we stock

Rock Salt

Calcium Chloride

Antiskid Material

Our coal is kept under roof to better service our customers.  You will always be supplied with coal that is free and clear of standing water, ice, snow and other elements.  We offer delivery by dump truck or a t-tag truck with a coal shute.  If you need your coal or antiskid delivered, please call us for a quote at 814-765-9502. Swisher Concrete Products, Inc. accepts LIHEAP Assistance for our customers located  in Clearfield, Centre and Jefferson Counties.

Hard Coal

Hard coal is mined in Eastern PA and shipped to our yard. Here at Swisher Concrete Products, Inc. we sell only washed hard coal in 4 different sizes. It is most commonly used in hard coal stokers, each requiring a specific size. At Swisher Concrete Products, Inc. we keep our hard coal under roof to ensure it's as dry as possible. Rice is our most popular size and is the smallest of the four. Next size bigger would be the Buckwheat Coal which is our 2nd most popular size. Next in larger size would be our Pea Coal and the biggest that we stock is our Hard Nut Coal.
  • Rice Coal

  • Buckwheat Coal

  • Pea Coal

  • Nut Coal

Soft Coal

Soft coal is mined here in Central PA from the Moshannon vein which is known for it’s BTU value. We buy coal directly out of the coal pit to minimize the amount of times it is handled which ensures a nice lumpy texture. Prior to committing to purchasing for the year, the coal is sampled to ensure a high quality BTU and low ash, thus ensuring it is a good coal for our customers needs.
  • Run of the mine

  • Washed Nut (Subject to Availability)

  • Cannel Coal (Subject to Availability)

Other Winter Supplies

- Salt Winter Melt 50lbs - Calcium Flakes 50lbs. - Mortar Accelerator (powder or liquid) - Anti-Skid - Sand