Concrete Block

We manufacture and retail concrete block for residential and commercial use. There are many advantages to using concrete block:
  • Block basements can be constructed in any shape
  • Can easily conform to your house plan and lot specifications
  • Add doors and windows with ease during construction
  • Renovate or add an addition any time in the future
Build upon a solid foundation with concrete block manufactured by Swisher Concrete Products. For more information on the benefits of using concrete blocks visit

Gray Block

Some of the concrete block products that we offer for Residential, Commercial and Industrial based projects are as follows:

• Concrete Block in 4″ to 16″

• Halves, Pier & Sash Block

• Return Corner Block

• Termite (FHA) Block

• Concrete Brick

• Solids and Caps

• Single Bullnose

• Double Bullnose

• Reinforcing Block

• Bond Beam Block Closed and Open Bottom

• Beam Lintel Block

• Single Grid Block

• 45^ Angle Block

• Rectangle & Square Flue Block

Split Face Block

We offer split face concrete masonry units. When using split face block, there is no need for any further materials to be applied. For an asthetically functional building consider using split face CMU. Split Face block are manufactured on a per job basis and are considered special order thus are not returnable. We do not normally stock colored split face; however, we do try and maintain a small quantity of 8″ gray split face in our yard.

Split Face is special order only and is subject to availability.

  • W-1 White

  • V-1 Vanilla

  • GW-1 Light Gray

  • GY-1 Gray

  • C-1 Charcoal

  • BS-1 Buckskin

  • LS-1 Light Sandstone

  • LB-1 Light Brown

  • B-1 Brown

  • A-1 Adobe

  • CB-1 Golden Buff

  • R-1 Red

  • DR-1 Dark Red

  • SB-1 Sahara Brown Blend

  • SC-1 Sandstone Charcoal Blend

  • GBC-1 Golden Buff Charcoal Blend

  • SB-2 Sandstone Brown Blend

  • T-1 Tan

  • S-1 Sahara

  • LT-1 Light Taupe

For local jobs using split face you may want to look at some examples:
Rainbow car wash 1, 11 and 111 CCEDC new Marcellus gas well building located at the prior Berg Electronics FCI building. Curwensville Moose