Fireplace & Chimney Supplies

If safety is your concern for a proper working chimney, Swisher Concrete Products, Inc. manufactures and retails chimney block which also uses a clay liner.  Swisher Concrete Products, Inc. has added a new line of chimney liners this year  that require zero clearance.  This liner is known as ChimTek and offers a completely different way to build a chimney.  Chim Tek uses insulation in the construction of your chimney.  For further information on ChimTek, please call for a free brochure.

Fireplace, Flue & Chimney Products

• Vestalaire Circulator Fireplace Inserts
• Circulator Fan and Grill Housing
• Poker or Rotary Controls
• Cleanout Doors, Ash Dump Doors (regular and sliding)
• Chimney Caps (galvanized or stainless steel)
• Fireplace Dampers (poker or rotary control)
• Concrete Flue Block (rectangular or square)
• Concrete Flue Caps (rectangular or square)
• Clay Liners (modular and standard size)
• Clay Collars & Accessories
• Fire Brick 9 x 4 1/2 x 2 1/2
• Fire Brick 9 x 4 1/2 x 1 1/4
• Refractory Cement
• Wall Ties
• Coal Shute Doors

We have all the material you need to build your custom fireplace

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An old world look from Glen Gery Brick
An attractive option uses Eldorado Cultured Stone.
Another nice look can integrate Stonecraft Cultured Stone.
You can utilize brick or stone veneer for your fireplace or chimney.  The choices are endless and can meet all types of styles and customer preferences