Landscaping Supplies

With help from Swisher Concrete Products, Inc. your landscaping choices are limitless!  If you prefer a more permanent choice of landscaping, we would suggest using landscaping stone.

It is more costly upfront to use landscaping stone but you will enjoy your investment for many years to come.

Landscaping Stone

Browse our large selection of landscaping stones to choose from:

Landscaping Mulch

We carry a wide variety of natural and colored mulches. Spruce up your landscaping with your choice of natural or color dyed mulch.  Mulch is easy to install and can be easily exchanged out for a new color when you want a change.

If you prefer a less expensive method of landscaping and want your landscaping to “pop” with freshness and color, use our landscaping mulches.  With a large selection of different textures and colors, you are sure to find what best suits your desired look.  We have natural shades as well as dyed colors.  The textures range from single ground to double ground to a finer ground.  Mulch is more a temporary landscaping choice as the sun and weather can fade out any mulch.  QUICK TIP:  To reduce the amount of maintenance required, install a weed fabric or plastic underneath and install approx 3″ of mulch.  With a depth of 3″, you can flip the mulch to bring back the color and extend the life of your mulch.

Limestone Aggregates & Shale

We also sell Antiskid & Shale & Limestone #3 Drainage


Want to get ready for your landscaping flowers or gardens?

Swisher Concrete Products, Inc. can help you with that - from our screened topsoil, to adding a little mushroom bedding, which will enrich and add vital nutrients to your soil.

• Mushroom Compost

• Screened Topsoil


• Fine Mason Sand
• Mason Sand 50# bags
• White Masonry Silica Sand 50# bag
• Fine Blasting Sand 80# bag
• Poly Meric Sand Grey 50# bag
• Poly Meric Sand Tan 50# bag
• PolySweep 50# bag