Nicolock is U.S. Made & Locally Supplied.

Nicolock Paver-Shield™ is Nicolock’s patented manufacturing technology that ensures that your pavers will stay looking great for a lifetime. Pavers made with Paver-Shield™ have an ultra dense surface and richer, more vibrant color that will not fade. Our technology starts with more color, cement, and only very fine aggregate on the wear surface. Although “smooth as silk” in appearance, pavers with Paver-Shield™ have great slip resistance when used on walkways, patios, and pool decks. Beneath the Paver-Shield™ surface, heavier aggregate gives the pavers their strength and durability. This aggregate is never exposed with regular wearing or through the ravages of acid rain or ocean air. More important, Paver-Shield™ provides protection against harsh de-icing salts